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‘Hound me, harass me’, says Robert Vadra in FB post, about possible CBI probe in alleged land scam

NEW DELHI: Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra told the Rajasthan government it can “hound” and “harass” him, it still won’t find he is involved in any land scam. “Please hound, prosecute and harass as much as you want, such lies will never undermine the truth,” said Vadra, husband of Sonia’s daughter Priyanka, in a Facebook post. His comments came a day after that the Rajasthan government has asked the CBI for a probe into an alleged land scam in Bikaner, which allegedly involve one of Vadra’s firms. The state’s home minister Gulab Chand alleged that Vadra’s company was a third party in the “illegal” purchase of 275 bigha land in 2010. He further alleged that the company sold the piece of land to a fourth party in 2012. Vadra said in his Facebook post that this action by the Rajasthan government is “another attempt of malicious persecution”. “Another attempt of malicious persecution, exposed. First, Rajasthan police filed an FIR on 26 August 2014. In 3 years, they filed the chargesheets, summoned documents, as also company officials, yet found not an iota of evidence,” said Vadra. He said that after the FIR and related investigations “they unleashed the Enforcement Directorate to harass and hound.” Again, he said, to no avail. The Rajasthan government’s request to the CBI is another “sinister attempt” to target him, said Vadra. “As they fail, they make one more sinister attempt to rope in the CBI. Has the Rajasthan government lost faith in its own police and investigation ?!” said Vadra’s Facebook post. The Rajasthan government had in December 2014 cancelled 18 ‘mutations’, or ‘transfers of ownership’, in Bikaner, after finding they were allegedly illegal. The allegation is that a company of Vadra’s also purchased chunks of land.

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