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President Mukherjee to launch indigenous handy charger for electric vehicles

pranab-mukherjee_NEW DELHI: Now you can get technologically advanced handy charger for your electric vehicles (EVs), which you can carry in the two-wheeler itself. President Pranab Mukherjee will launch these indigenously developed EV chargers. The science and technology ministry has partly funded the research and development of this product under Make in India initiative. The EV chargers developed by Ampere Vehicles require less than two units for one-time charging and it’s enough to cover nearly 60 km. At present, 90% of the EV chargers are imported. Charging is a critical part of the electric vehicle infrastructure and is seen as one of the biggest constraints in the growth of these vehicles in India. “The existing chargers are not able to handle Indian power and voltage fluctuations. Knowledge gathered during the analysis of various field issues and the identification of advanced methodologies for solving it, has resulted in the creation of these intelligent chargers for electric vehicles. These chargers use microcontroller-based intelligent battery charger system and so the charger automatically shuts down after full charge. This increases the shelf life of the battery,” said founder and CEO of Ampere Vehicles Annamalai Hemalatha. The product has been developed keeping in mind that most lead-acid batteries work in moderately cold countries and for Indian conditions and better battery protection, there is a need to have active chargers using micro-controllers with automated features.

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