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Really proud of the boys: Steve Smith

Steve SmithSteve Smith, Australia captain, addressed the media at the end of the Dharamsala Test. Excerpts from the press conference: “Obviously right now, a bit of disappointment. We have fought very hard throughout this series and to fall over at the final hurdle hurts and the boys in the room are hurting. We have played a good style of cricket over here, we have competed in every Test match and for that I am really proud of the boys. “We can take a lot out of the way we played, the plans we had and the way we’ve done it. But we just needed to do it a little bit longer at times and be a bit more consistent. We’ve certainly had our opportunities to win the games of cricket and we haven’t taken those opportunities against a quality opposition like India. They will get back in the game and make you pay. From that aspect it’s disappointing we haven’t been able to take advantage when we have been in front. Having said that I am really proud of the boys for the way we have competed this series. I’m not really sure at this present time, haven’t really had the time to think about it yet. That can certainly happen here in India, you can lose wickets in clumps. That’s what we talk about as a team, try and not do that. From that aspect it was disappointing that we did lose wickets in clumps. From being 1-130 to all out for 300 was a bit disappointing. That was an opportunity where we could’ve really driven the game, had we gone on to score 400-450 it could have been a different ball game. From that aspect it was disappointing that we weren’t able to take advantage of being 1 for 130. Absolutely. This team has grown so quickly. We are still a very young side, it wasn’t too long ago we were at Hobart and it was the end of the world. So I am proud of the way we have been able to turn things around and really compete in these conditions. I know coming over here, I’ve said it a few times, we were written off and we were going to lose 4-0, but the way we have been able to compete in each and every Test, it has been great to be part of. And a fantastic series played in a good style and credit has to go to India for winning 2-1. “Nathan Lyon, the way that he has been able to adapt and bowl the way we want him to bowl. He has got two 5-wicket hauls, both in the first innings of the game. He was able to change things up, when guys were sweeping him he was willing to throw the fast one in to stop them sweeping and make them defend, things like that. It’s good that these guys are thinking about the game and finding ways to have success in these conditions. It’s been a great learning curve for each and every one of the boys in the room. They are hurting right now, it’s always tough when you lose a series at the final hurdle but the guys are going to take so much out of this series. The way that we’ve played and what we’ve learned and the plans we’ve had, it’s been great. We just needed to do it for that little bit longer and win those key moments. It’s a really big stride for this team and a lot of individuals in the team as well.

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